My overarching aim is to give my clients a deep sense of being heard and understood in a way that validates their experience and in time allows them to be more present in the here and now.


I am an integrative therapist which means I draw on different ideas and models of working with people to best suit the needs of the individual. My approach is to attune to the client as closely as possible so that a compatible way of working is formed.  I might incorporate psychodynamic principles, CBT, some Mindfulness techniques, creative approaches or maybe employ a more existential framework.


A person-centred approach is central to my ethos, this places great value on establishing a warm and empathic relationship. A central belief is that given the right therapeutic conditions we are able to move towards reaching our highest potential. Sometimes difficult past experiences can cause us to lose touch with this ability and counselling can help re-connect us to this deeper knowing.


As a practising artist I have significant experience working creatively and know the therapeutic value of this. Using creativity within the session is not for everyone, but if you are interested it may include using art materials, working with the sand tray (suitable for all ages), doing some intuitive writing or guided visualization or any other creative intervention which feels appropriate.

Sand Tray

This is a creative approach which is steadily gaining popularity as it is an accessible and uncomplicated way of working with the unconscious. Through the intuitive placement of miniature figures and objects within a purpose made sand tray, you will be able to explore your deeper feelings about present and/or past experiences. This can be an enormously enlightening process and it also offers the opportunity to resolve and give some completion to past events.


I like to work from a holistic perspective, as I feel that all aspects of our life need care and attention in order to facilitate meaningful levels of well-being. Creating homeostasis and balance are our natural human leanings and therapy is a good space to address our often competing needs as we strive to achieve this balance.

Working within Nature

The natural world provides endless opportunities for us to find a deeper connection to our own natural selves. Eco-therapy allows us to find a different perspective on our lives through working in a natural environment whereby we can get a sense of our place in the world enriched by the beauty of nature. The proven benefits of spending time in green spaces is ever growing and working outdoors offers another layer to the therapeutic nature of the sessions. The initial session would be within the therapy space to ensure that this is a suitable way forward for us both and to establish the boundaries around taking the session outdoors.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact me with any question or to arrange an appointment.