About Julia

I am an Integrative Counsellor who also draws on other compatible models to support my clients and their individual needs. My aim is to find the best approach to meet you wherever you find yourself, but primarily my focus is in establishing a positive and supportive relationship from which to explore current issues. I see this as of paramount importance and place this above any theoretical models that may also inform the work.

I work with adults and with young people and have substantial experience working within a large secondary school with adolescents who need support during what can be a very difficult time. Many of the issues that are present at this time, if not addressed, carry through into adulthood and so it is deeply rewarding to work with young people and meet this need early on.

I was first drawn to having counselling myself after a challenging adolescence and early adulthood where I felt ill-equipped for life in the adult world. I felt impaired by my own experiences and unable to engage fully in my life. At this point I looked for support through peer-led group work which did help but I still felt I needed to tell my story and be truly heard in order to integrate old experiences and start to move into the present. My process has been a long one;  I started this personal journey of training and therapy over twenty five years ago and then came back to it more recently having spent many years involved in the visual arts.

I have now found a very rewarding combination of working as both a counsellor and an artist, and of using creativity as a great resource when called for by the client. This is by no means for everybody, and it is important not to use creativity out of a need to ‘do something’ rather than sometimes stay with the discomfort of not knowing what to do. It is a delicate balance but when the timing is right, creative expression in whatever form it takes can give us a wonderful window into the soul whereby words are not needed for the psyche to understand the meaning of the experience.